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Providing information for both parents and professionals about child safety and health

Many Incidents of SUID Can be Prevented
The Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies be placed on their back to sleep by Kathleen M. Dermady

Safe Sleep for Babies: 2 Pediatricians Explain How
Upstate’s HealthLink on Air

  • Putting babies in a safe sleep environment can reduce the risk of infant death. Two Upstate physicians who are part of Onondaga County’s Child Fatality Review Team discuss how to prevent the leading cause of death among infants in Onondaga County. Alicia Pekarsky, MD, is an associate professor of pediatrics, and Erin Hanley, MD, is an assistant professor of pediatrics and of emergency medicine. They explain how and why to place a baby to sleep on his or her back in a crib without blankets or stuffed animals. They note how to keep the baby warm enough, why twins shouldn't sleep together and what to do if a baby falls asleep on a parent’s chest while watching television in a recliner. They also share some safe ways for parents to bond with their babies.
  • Downloadable 15 minutes podcast (mp3)

Infant Deaths in Central New York Can Be Prevented
Health Department press release, October 8, 2020

More Infants Dying From Unsafe Sleep Conditions in Onondaga County
Spectrum Local News interviews Dr. Alicia Pekarsky, SUNY Upstate Medical University associate professor of Pediatrics, and Christine Larkin, Onondaga County Child Fatality Review Team coordinator.

Campaign to educate dads on safe sleep for babies
Post-Standard article and facebook page for dads


To conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of unexpected child deaths in Onondaga county.

  • Better understand how and why children die
  • Analyze the patterns of child deaths
  • Use findings to take action to prevent other child deaths, illness and injury
  • Keep children healthy, safe and protected

In keeping with that mission, this web site provides information for both parents and professionals about child safety and health. These resources include downloadable pamphlets and links to other web sites. The web site also offers bereavement information to help families cope with the death of a child.

The Onondaga County Child Fatality Review Team is funded by a grant from the Office of Children and Family Services and is a program of The McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center.

Onondaga County Child Fatality Review Team
McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center
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